On Middle East madness

It seems that not a day goes by without major attacks somewhere in the Middle East.

It seems some sort of madness exists there that just doesn’t exist in so many other parts of the world.

I’ve often wondered how much climate plays a part in this, and the lack of forests and other greenery there. Could the harsh environment be at least partially responsible for the anger, frustration and hate that drives men to do the unspeakable there?

Is too much sun, heat and sand driving some people mad?


— Jillian


5 thoughts on “On Middle East madness

  1. The answer is…. None of the above…

    Tribal factions in the Middle East have been killing each other for hundreds of years. You are just hearing about it now because we are there. We are there because they have oil. Lots of oil.

    There are similar religious atrocities and tribal warfare in Yemen and Liberia but you don’t hear about them because our footprint, and the oil reserves there are quite small.


  2. ALOHA:….. there are many places in the middle east with forest and trees and in higher elevations, the weather is more temperate …. so you need to attempt to find another theory…..


      1. There’s harsh deserts in China, India and Russia, and the environment doesn’t seem to be a social problem there. Then there’s the Bundy Ranch in the US.

        Long-term environment has little to do with how people war on one another. It’s usually related to resources – who has it and who wants it. The Middle East has oil, and the US wants it. Look at all the regimes that the US has propped up over there in the past century – and today we are reaping (an appropriate term) the benefits; war. (Which, ironically, is one of the US’s most profitable private enterprises).

        Do you *really* think that our government really gives a shit about the people?


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