Many women and supporters will demonstrate around the world today, including in Montreal, in support of top freedom for women — the freedom to be topless in public situations where men are allowed to be topless. It is about freedom of choice, equality and the desexualization of women’s breasts.

Today’s international events are unique, according to the Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA), which are organized by the Raelians and are “the only event of its kind and an important undertaking.” (See July 24 entry on TERA page.)

TERA’s mission is to help women in Canada and the United States who encounter legal problems when going topless in public, and to inform the general public about the issue. You can read more on their website.

As for today’s Montreal event, you can read more about it on the Facebook events page.

And you can read more from the group that founded the event, now in its seventh year, on the Go Topless site.

– Jillian