Nudism/Naturism washes away shower hangups

Sigh . . . How much analysis do we need in the wake of an ESPN reporter’s ridiculous item — for which the network apologized — on how St. Louis Rams rookie Michael Sam (who is openly gay) is fitting in with his teammates in the locker-room shower?

No, I’m not going to wade into the debate.

Instead, I’m going to make a suggestion: Every sports team, indeed, everyone (including journalists) should join a mixed nudism/naturism organization, where men and women use the same locker room and showers at swim events. In no time at all — well, about five minutes, anyway — any hangups you have about being around naked people, or being naked around people, will disappear. I guarantee it. You’ll find that people don’t talk about their sexual preferences. There are no displays of lust. And nobody makes comments about your body.

I’m not going to explain any further, because I’ve already written reams and reams of copy about the benefits of nudism/naturism, and because it’s elementary, and because I’ve got Friday on my mind . . .

Sigh . . .

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism washes away shower hangups

  1. I go to the gym…. and get more embarrassed about undressing than I ever do when I go to a naturist club meet or swimming pool or beach….. It’s really bizarre.

    Definately everyone should go to at least one event or a beach etc.


  2. The reporter’s report was idiotic at best but your points are spot on. Thanks for stepping up and saying what many of us were thinking !! 🙂


  3. Dick envy. There is always the dick envy, fluffing it up surreptitiously, big swinging dick and all that hey-ho-hum stuff, although I am pretty sure that it is not an exclusively gay or straight thing. Nor a nudist vs non-nudist thing, for that matter. Not everyone is made equal in the eyes of the maker or by dint of nature either, but what can you do but live with it, if you can?

    Just sayin’. 😉


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