World War III: Russia, is Ukraine worth it?

So there was Russian president Vladimir Putin talking to young people at a summer camp on Friday about Ukraine, and reminding them — and the rest of the world — that Russia is one of the world’s leading nuclear powers, and “it’s best not to mess with us.” (See National Post report.)

According to one TV report, the young people asked scripted questions, so no one asked the rather obvious one, i.e.: “Mr. Putin, are you saying you would be prepared to set off World War III, and have hundreds of millions of people die — including all of the young people in this camp — over Ukraine?”

The Russian president had prefaced his comments with this: “Thank God, I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia.”

And I doubt anyone is. But one has to wonder about Mr. Putin. Was he just rattling a sabre? Or is he so irresponsible that he would destroy civilization and the human race as we currently know it if he can’t have his way?

It also has to make you wonder why we, the human race, still allow individuals like Mr. Putin to have the ability to plunge the world into the abyss.

As that old song by Sting goes . . .

“I hope the Russians love their children, too.”

– Jillian

One thought on “World War III: Russia, is Ukraine worth it?

  1. Well what is worth dying for ? If the enemy knows you are willing to die, then the choices are reduced for them, they either kill you or don’t attack…. and what country would be next ?? Watching the average family with kids I’d say that most people will just go about their mediocre lives … why do I say that ? Well lets look at what happens when little Jonny starts demanding some new toy or other.. eventually he gets it because the parents cave in to his demands for an easy life !!! 30+ years ago he would have had a slap and told to be quiet, don’t show mum up ! so everyone accepts it blindly.

    Most Russians do love their Children, I have yet to see another group of people that are so loathsome of children and women as muslims this is the real risk in my eyes…. the question in my mind is this, assuming the likes of George Galloway who only recently revealed that he was a muslim and proof showed that he had been for over 10 years previously…… what if Putin has been converted ?

    The Russian army is 44.70% Muslim up 4.70% in under 12 months !

    So now we have ISIS that is gaining support, Russia who’s military force is increasing in Muslim % I don’t think it’s difficult to see where this could end up….. China etc sitting on the sidelines being especially quiet, surrounded by muslim countries…..

    So my question … Do you think Russia is the problem or Islam ?

    WW3 will be the first World Civil War fought everywhere for Islam or against ??


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