Maybe it’s the Valley Girl in me, but I am really enjoying California wines these days. I’ve often talked about Barefoot wines, but I tried another California red this weekend and am both surprised and, yes, wanting to buy a second bottle.

The labelling is actually somewhat confusing with this wine from the Rev Winery in Acampo, California. The label on the bottle I bought says “Revolution Red.” Underneath that it says “New School Wine from California.”

But when I did a search online, I found the wine listed as Red Revolution, California, by Revolution Wines.

Whatever the case may be, I am quite enjoying this wine. I don’t find it “big and bold” as the label says, but I do find it smooth and fruity without being too sweet. As one review on the Wine Hobbyist site says and with which I agree: “Your mouth will experience tastes such as raspberries, strawberries with some spice, blended to perfection, to form up a medium length finish.” Indeed, there is a lot happening in a mouthful of this wine.

The review also says I might want to share it with my friends. Well, I don’t. My g/f didn’t like it. So I drank the whole bottle in two nights. It’s rare for me to drink that much wine in such a short period. But I really enjoyed this one.

Yes, I am a proud California girl . . . and I will be reporting on other wines from this state soon.

— Jillian