Almost time for pantyhose again

Sigh . . . It’s Sept. 1, and summer is on the wane — though, the temperature is still in the mid-20s (mid-70sF) here. But I am reminded today that I will soon have to wear pantyhose or tights again after a few months of bare-legging it.

It seems I can’t buy enough pantyhose for the fall, winter and spring months. I’m thinking there is a plot by manufacturers to make hose that run easily. And cost means little when it comes to pantyhose: sometimes the least expensive brands outlive the more expensive ones.

And I’m not sure why it is almost impossible to buy black pantyhose without any flaws . . .

What about pants, you might be wondering. Nope. I don’t wear them, unless I’m doing a messy chore outdoors around the house. Strictly skirts and dresses for me.

Of course, I could just settle in, say, Arizona for the winter months . . .

Just thinking . . .

Happy Labor Day!

— Jillian

8 thoughts on “Almost time for pantyhose again

  1. I wore pantyhose once. No, I’m not a cross-dresser, at least not as a general rule. It was in a high school musical, and the boys had to wear black tights. But they ran out before they got to fitting me, so I was stuck with black panty hose. This being high school, you can imagine the teasing and crass comments I got from the other boys! Furthermore, I was, quite naturally, not used to wearing them, and had no idea how gentle you have to be with them. The show ran a week through eight performances–and there was only one pair of pantyhose. By the time that week was over, those hose were a mess of “runs,” and the costume lady (one of the teachers, who on a sad note, I heard passed away last year), kept having to use a black marker on my legs where the gaps were.
    How do women manage this every day? 🙂


      1. I don’t think I had many hairs back then. My legs are very hairy now. Still, it’s not as if I’m normally in the habit of wearing hose–unless another show requires me to do so.


  2. I hadn’t realised how “American” you Canadians are, with “pantyhose” rather than tights, and “pants” rather than trousers. Not that it matters particularly. To be outrageously sexist, I prefer to see the ladies in dresses and skirts, rather than in “pants”. (Why are there not different words for dresses and skirts across the great divide of the Atlantic? The oddities of the [English] language.) Apart from being on stage occasionally, like bradfilippone, us blokes have rather more limited options whatever the time of year. You girls make the most of being able to do what you like with no-one bothering much what you wear.


    1. But there is a difference between pantyhose and tights — they are not synonymous. Pantyhose are much finer, nylons by another name. Tights are thicker, for colder weather.

      P.S. I’m a California Valley Girl . . .


  3. I hate pantyhose, tights, etc. I do own a few pair of fleece lined trouser socks though, for when wearing slacks (trousers). Since I’ve retired from my regular job 5 yrs. ago, I don’t think I’ve bought more than 4 pairs of pantyhose. I really dislike any constriction; one reason I’ve not worn a bra in about 15 years. Good musculature does help greatly; thank goodness for our pool and moderate South Carolina winters.


    1. Retirement does have its benefits, Cheri. I probably wouldn’t wear pantyhose often if I didn’t have to work. But since I’m part of the Freedom 85 crowd, I’ll be wearing them for decades to come.



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