Favourite television sleuths

I love the various mystery/detective series shown on the PBS and Knowledge networks. Most of them are British series, like Frost, Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple.

I particularly like Miss Marple, not so much for the mysteries, but the ways in which she “helps” law enforcement officials — who most often think she is a busybody but always end up appreciating her assistance: she usually solves the crimes for them but is happy to let them think they did the solving. I can’t help but think how Miss Marple would have fared in the Internet/social media age, yes?

Smiles . . .

How about you? Who are your favourite sleuths on TV?

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Favourite television sleuths

  1. Ah! But which Miss Marple? There are so many and not just on TV. Joan Hickson is my favourite of the modern re-incarnations, with Margaret Rutherford from an earlier era. As much as I like Julia McKenzie and Geraldine McEwan as actresses they were miscast IMHO.

    But to answer your question, emmm… tricky. They all have their good points – and bad I hasten to add. All in all I think I will have to go for Miss Marple… or maybe Poirot, (as portrayed by David Suchet) he is so deliciously vain, but then Cadfael, now there’s a character to sink your teeth into. TV wise I have to decide on Poirot.

    Now on Radio, as good as June Whitfield (Miss Marple) and John Moffat (Poirot) were, my favourite there is Marcus Didius Falco (played by Anton Lesser) and can be picked up on Radio 4 extra via the BBC iPlayer, together with the former and other radio detectives not available on the old goggle box. Try it. The pictures are far better and have been in high definition for decades. It is just a pity that so few of the Falco books (which I am now reading BTW) have been adapted as radio drama.

    Was that a yawn I saw… I’ll push off then.


  2. Morse because I love “dangerous” Oxford, mores clearly has no idea of the road layout and is often seen hurtling down dead end streets…

    Suchet’s Poirot because he lives the part.

    My recent favourite is Italian with subtitles but I find that I just have to play the sound through the HI FI, set in Sicily, you would love Montalbano.


  3. Of the British sleuths, I like Morse the best. Suchet’s portrayal of Poirot is excellent,
    though I’m not a huge fan. Of course, there is the late Jeremy Brett’s interpretation
    of Holmes.On the American side, I liked Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe. The sets
    were true to the books as well as the stories themselves. I didn’t like the ensemble cast but it was a small annoyance.
    Miniseries: I loved “True Detective”.


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