I spent two hours with about 70 naked men and women last night at my naturists’ group’s swim event, and I can honestly say I didn’t notice the below-the-invisible-belt “private parts” of a single person there. No, they’re not really private in a setting like that, but these social nudism events are much like social clothed events in that regard. One keeps their eyes above the shoulders most, if not all of the time.

Our group has a no-camera policy, as most naturism groups probably do: no one is allowed to take pictures at our events. But some naturists I have met have taken photos of some of their personal nudism activities, and I’m not always comfortable with looking at some of those photos.

At a recent dinner where I was a guest, the gentleman of the house — stark naked — was proudly showing some of his naturism photos. I felt a bit uneasy seeing them, because I was being forced to see the whole images of his body as the focal point, and I couldn’t help but notice that he is superbly endowed — in those photos. Yet, there he was sitting with us and I was only seeing his head and shoulders in real time — I wasn’t looking below his waist.

I felt betrayed by the photos, though I wasn’t upset. I just felt they were making me look where I wouldn’t naturally look — and didn’t really want to see.

On the other hand, I have seen other naturism photos that focus more on settings (ie. naturism resorts, beaches etc.) and scenery, and I appreciate those. The human body is not the focal point, but blends in with the natural surroundings — which is what naturism is all about, yes?

— Jillian