Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace

The picture at the top of the home page here is a copy, in part, of an engraving by William Miller done in 1830 of Linlithgow Palace in Scotland. I thought I would put it there for a little while in honour of any Scottish readers looking in to comment on the post about the upcoming independence referendum in that country.


— Jillian


2 thoughts on “Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace

  1. Two years the country has been in limbo with business unable to make future plans.

    One side of the campaign has had to work for a negative, NO we want things to remain, whilst the other side has had the luxury of working for a YES vote for jam tomorrow which will be paid for by Oil!

    There has been no real debate and no concrete plans as to what we will get if the vote goes for independence and polls say one wavering person’s vote could determine the whole future of the country.

    Basically it is vote for a pig in a poke or stay as part of the union, all quite bonkers.


  2. As a Scot that has been resident in Quebec for 30 years I think that you got off lightly…only 2 years of suspended animation :-). There is a reason why Montreal has the best real estate deals in Canada.


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