Time travelling

On a much lighter note . . .

Speaking of hippie chicks and such (see preceding post), I was watching — and listening to — some YouTube clips yesterday from the legendary Woodstock festival, and wishing I could travel back in time and be there. I was alive back then, but too young to attend.

Sigh . . .

So, it got me to thinking about writing this post, as in if you could travel back in time, where would you go?

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “Time travelling

  1. I would go back to ancient times before nudity was considered sinful, and people saw no problem with an unclothed body. Clothes were unheard of, except for the purpose of keeping warm. And I would stop the concept of nudity as sinful from every happening!

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  2. I am a futurist. There may be times in the past that were more open and non-judgmental. And places. The Original Citizens generally didn’t need clothing except for protection, but would you want to face the open hostility from the White Man? In Ancient Rome homosexuality was as normal as heterosexual behavior, but would you want to live somewhere that life is worthless?

    I would want to go to the future. That is actually possible and our astronauts have done it. (Google Einstein and Time Dilation). Travel to the future is possible, but it’s a one-way trip. If I would not be leaving family behind, I would like to go to 3015. I want my hoverboard.


  3. As a mind only a few moments before the Big Bang at the start of this expanding universe to see what actually happened and to be gone before humans arrive and spoil everything…


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