Animated-Flag-Scotland-1As the referendum in Scotland approaches this week, many in Canada are comparing it to the independence referendums held in Quebec, in which the No side triumphed both times.

But as my g/f, who was born and raised in Scotland, points out, there really isn’t much to compare: Scotland is already a (legal) country; Quebec isn’t.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have no opinion on the referendum in Scotland, even though my father’s side of the family came from that country. I was born and raised in Quebec. But I have always felt a tug on my heartstrings when Scotland is mentioned, and when I hear bagpipes . . . and when I watch the Monarch of the Glen series on Knowledge TV, which is pretty corny sometimes, but often leaves me in tears. Go figure. I guess Scotland is my genes, and some day I hope to go there with my g/f.

I invite readers to share their thoughts about Scotland . . .

— Jillian