I wonder how many of us sometimes wish we could be rich and famous, then decide we are happy with our anonymity when we read about celebrities whose lives are invaded by paparazzi and individuals seeking to profit from them. Some might say it comes with the turf when you are a celebrity, but I don’t think that’s right. I think the sex lives and personal relationships of celebrities — and politicians — should be private unless they choose to make that information public. And I think those who indulge in sexual and/or BDSM activities — ie. mistresses, dominas, lovers and other strangers — with those folks should keep it private, too.

In other words, if you are a dominatrix who has had some celebrities or politicians as customers, you should never reveal their identities. Ditto if you have an affair or a frolic in the proverbial hay with celebrities or politicians.

You should never kiss and tell — unless required to do so by the courts . . .

This morning, while sipping my first coffee of the day, I’ve been reading about a well-known actor whose sexuality has been the subject of speculation for many years. I not going to comment on his particular case here, even if other publications  — including at least one mainstream site — are doing so today.

Why won’t I?

Because what difference does it make in your life who he is or what the gossip is all about? What do you really care about his sex life and sexual preferences? How would the information enrich your life? Would you really feel all that more informed?

Another recent case has involved a rock star who has filed for divorce from his longtime wife. Every mainstream media picked up the story, and I suppose it had some news value — though, minimal at best. But why was it so important for those mainstream outlets to report a week later that the rock star had been hanging out with an actress for the past few months, mentioning his divorce proceedings, and leaving the reader to come to their own conclusions — without a single comment from the two individuals? What was the news value in that story?

Answer: There was no news value. It was sheer  gossip, the sort of stuff you would find in gossip mags.

For mainstream news organizations, it was nothing more than click bait. And how sad is that? How sad that mainstream news organizations are willing to sacrifice integrity and principles to spread gossip about individuals for the sake of some web clicks.

And what about the damage they are doing to the individuals involved? Sure, maybe it is not actionable in a court of law, but you gotta know all the gossip is hurting those celebrities.

They have feelings, toojust like you and me.

— Jillian