Well, a judge in Cameroon has reportedly confirmed it: real women drink Bailey’s Irish Cream. That’s why I’ve always loved that drink.

Guys, apparently, don’t drink it, and if they do, they must be gay and feminine — and it’s cause to send them to jail, apparently.

At least, that is what is being reported in the Belfast Telegraph. It seems that homosexuality is difficult to prove in Cameroon, because it’s not so easy to catch lovers in the act. So, ever-resourceful judges use other barometers to measure one’s sexuality, i.e. the Irish Cream litmus test.

Reports the Belfast Telegraph:

Michel Togue, a Cameroonian lawyer, said he had defended dozens of gay people but few were ever caught in the act. (He) said the African country uses gender stereotypes to convict gay individuals. Homosexuality is banned in Cameroon and since 1972 has carried a prison sentence of five years. In one instance, a client of Mr. Togue’s was convicted for his feminine mannerisms and drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream – a choice which the judge felt was a woman’s drink. He says police rely on gender stereotypes to arrests suspected gay individuals, with people arousing suspicion for being – for example – a male hairdresser. Mr Togue says that stigma fuels the accusations and arrests, with a lifestyle choices such as cross-dressing used as evidence a man is gay.

So, to all the gay guys planning vacations in Cameroon (as if, lol), be careful what you drink there. Straight whiskey might be your best bet. I dunno. Just what is a hetero man’s drink, anyway? Ale?

I suppose vacationing lesbians in Cameroon (as if, lol) should be careful what they drink, too. Irish Cream, obviously, is a good bet, especially if you hang out with the guys drinking whiskey or ales.

Just sayin’ . . .

Meanwhile, many in Western investment circles think Cameroon is a good place to invest their money. Go figure . . .

– Jillian