Aftermath: Scotland’s referendum results

Animated-Flag-Scotland-1Many are breathing a sigh of relief today after Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. But even though there was never any question in Scottish minds about Scotland’s status as a country, I heard some Canadian on-air news people refer to the referendum there as a vote on whether Scotland should be a country or not. Perhaps if more Scots had heard those comments, they might have voted Yes instead of No on Wednesday.

I’m wondering how my British readers are feeling today in the aftermath of the vote, particularly people from Scotland.


— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Aftermath: Scotland’s referendum results

  1. I’m a Scot, born in Scotland to English and Scottish parents. I live and work in England and I know many English who live and work (and retire) in Scotland. I think the Scots should have more of a say in how their region is governed but I’m glad that they chose to remain a part of the UK. The referendum should/must give the British government pause for thought on how the regions of the UK are governed more equitably.


  2. Everyone here are Scottish though those wishing for an unplanned stab at independence grabbed the national flag as a symbol for themselves which caused some resentment…

    We have a national flag because we are a country, one of four in a union many have heard of, the United Kingdom.

    At a time when many parts of the world are in chaos because of factions trying to wrest power and dominate fellow citizens rather than live in harmony, many here have had a great sigh of relief that what only a few days seemed no more than a toss of a coin could have dragged us into years of disruption and uncertainty.

    We have independent control of much through our own parliament like health service, free prescription drugs and no university tuition fees, things which those in the south are already jealous of. We have extra tax raising powers, unused so far, I wonder why… Scotland has the power to govern itself and further powers were already on the way whilst benefiting from being part of a stronger union. If the pro independence movement had shown any semblance of a plan to show how we could do better we would not have had to suffer two years of uncertainty, disruption and taint on our national image round the world.

    There are parliaments in Northern ireland, Wales and Scotland and similar offers have been made to other regions which have been rejected. We need some local element to decision making because London and the south east acts like a black hole sucking in a disproportionate degree of economic activity and power with little understanding or interest in less populated areas. Much of the Yes vote was as much against the distant Westminster government as for the impossible dreams they were being peddled.

    There is no victory in Scotland for anyone after this referendum, many friendships have been broken by the fervor and in confirming the speeding up of devolving extra powers The prime minister quickly slipped in a clause to strengthen English powers to be enacted in what would have to be a record time without time for consultation or debate.

    The lesson is, poke politicians and they will bite you and leave you in pain.


  3. Born and educated in Scotland I am proud of the result. For the best part of the 20th century Scotland pursued governance similar to a Canadian province but was ignored by the chin-less wonders in Whitehall. It took last week’s prediction of a Yes vote to wake them out of their arrogance and start throwing money and threats at Scotland. We now have the situation where a wee country of some 5 million folk has forced constitutional change in the UK, and those that have dismissed the country as a bunch of moaners are now seeking fiscal and constitutional equity. And all this has been achieved without organised violence and has been brought to you by the offspring of those fertile minds that invented anesthetics, penicillin, hypodermic needles, the pneumatic Tyre, the steam engine, the television, the telephone, the hovercraft, and of course, the deep fried Mars Bar. Wearrapeeple!! (translate that).


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