(Photo: Alicia Keys/Instagram)
(Photo: Alicia Keys/Instagram)

So, what’s up with Alicia Keys in the photo above, you might be wondering?

Glad you asked.

Alicia posted this photo of herself on Instagram for a very worthy cause: “Giving birth to a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL children.”

Reports the Independent newspaper in the U.K.: “The singer has made the decision to post a topless image of herself pregnant, with the Peace sign daubed across her stomach, in order to raise awareness of a new social ecology campaign,#WeAreHere.”

On the We Are Here movement’s website, readers are invited to “make a difference and join our supporters worldwide.” The site says:

We Are Here is a movement inspired by Alicia Keys to raise awareness of issues around the world that cannot be solved in isolation. We are joining together to give birth to a movement based on the idea of social ecology – that we’re all related and need to work in harmony to create a kinder and better world for all. Click on an issue that moves you and donate directly to the charity. And make sure you sign up to the movement first so we can use your voice to change the world.”

There are 12 good organizations listed on the site to which you can contribute, including one of my favourites, All Out, which regularly contributes to this blog through their press releases sent to me at The Gazette.

There’s much more on the site, including a video.

As for Alicia’s photo, I don’t know if it is gimmicky or not, but it has caught a lot of people’s attention and, perhaps, is contributing to the creation of “a kinder and better world.”

Way to go, Alicia.

– Jillian