Spacey music: Led Zeppelin song did it for me

So, back in the day (i.e. yesterday or the 1960s or any time in-between) . . . what was your favourite song to listen to after you had puffed on pot or had consumed some other mind-stimulating substance (yes, alcohol qualifies)?

One of my faves for such occasions was Led Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be. It’s a pretty spacey song — one, I read, that Robert Plant performed at Massey Hall in Toronto last night, and commented to the audience about the herbal fragrances in the air, saying “You’re making me hungry up here,” according to a Toronto Sun report.

Here’s the song:

5 thoughts on “Spacey music: Led Zeppelin song did it for me

  1. Beatles, The Who and Zep. But, believe it or not, I never took any mind-altering substance. I’ve only been drunk three times in my life. Maybe 2 and a half – the last one probably doesn’t count. The second time was a huge disappointment – I passed out just as the stripper arrived at my bachelor party.


      1. Completely. But my best man stood in for me and went home, I am told, with a really big smile on his face.

        I did not touch another drink for years after that. The only last time I got an alcohol buzz was when we were leaving a cruise ship last year and some friends we met wanted to share a bottle of wine they won at a trivia competition, so I relented and had one glass. My wife said that I was a pinball walking down the corridors of the ship on our way out.


  2. I’ve never had any dope and very early on I never drank alcohol but the music always hit he spot. I remember listening to Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you crazy Diamond” in the bath with all the lights off,that was surreal. I’ve always loved the vibe of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” as well. In Britain we had in the 1980’s,the Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance which played a wonderful selection of rock and metal too…great days 🙂


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