Paul Revere: A rock ‘n’ roll great!

I am saddened to learn of the death of Paul Revere, keyboardist and the founder of the old rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders. He died on Saturday at the age of 76.

I loved — and still love — many of his band’s records, like Kicks, Hungry, Just Like Me and Indian Reservation (Cherokee People). According to a report in the Los Angeles Times today, the band had 20 consecutive hits.

But it was Kicks that hooked me: I was a teenybopper when it was released, and it was such a fresh sound for that time, a groovy sound. Funny how I still feel the same excitement I felt then when I listen to it now.

That’s the great thing about rock ‘n’ roll music, isn’t it? It’s timeless . . .

Paul, thank you for your contribution to rock ‘n’ roll and to the lives of your many fans.

Thank you for all the Kicks. You and your band were great!

We love you . . .

A la prochaine . . .

— Jillian


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