Gay marriage: Yes, Virginia, there is a sanity clause

Something to smile about . . .

Gay and lesbian couples are getting married in Virginia after the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by the state of a lower-court ruling that overturned the ban on such unions there. (See Daily Mail report for pictures and quotes.)

The decision yesterday by the Supreme Court affects five states, and is expected to affect many more.

Thank God for the sanity of the Supreme Court.

Love usually finds a way to triumph over bigotry and discrimination.

Cheers to all the happy couples.

– Jillian

One thought on “Gay marriage: Yes, Virginia, there is a sanity clause

  1. It will take more lawsuits in the rest of the states standing in the way.

    The states that were sued in the District Court are the five that have to immediately permit equality. While the district court rulings are now binding, they are only binding inside their jurisdiction. The other states in the courts’ jurisdictions may still refuse equality until a lawsuit is brought against those states, but it would be a short trial. What the right-wing nutcases are hoping is that one of the district courts who haven’t ruled on the issue yet will make a decision favorable to their their homophobic wet-dreams.

    The Supreme Court refused cert not because marriage equality is right, they denied cert because there was no disagreement among the district courts. The Supreme Court generally likes to hear cases where there is disagreement between district courts. By refusing cert, the court kept open the possibility that one of the district courts will go the other way which would create the disagreement that would make cert more likely in the future.


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