Are you on Twitter? I am, only because my office asked me to join — for work purposes. I tweet out notifications of my blog entries, and check out tweets by various people once in a while, like the U.S. Department of Defence. Or if there is a big news story, I’ll search out comments about it.

News people are monitoring it all the time, of course, and using it as a social media platform to bring people to their sites. And it works: it is very effective.

I have close to 700 people/accounts following me, and I follow about 540. I generally follow back — that is, if you follow me, I will follow you, if you seem legitimate and are an adult and not trying to sell me something.

What bugs me — not all that much — is when somebody follows me, then I follow them back, then they unfollow me. Like, why did they bother in the first place? Are they trying to amass a large following, then make like they are movie stars who only follow a few people?

Beats me . . .

There are apps that let you know who has unfollowed you, and let you unfollow them . . . and so it goes.

Follow me, I follow you, unfollow me, I unfollow you . . .

But NO second chances. If you put me through all of the above and then re-follow me again, I’m not following you back! It’s game over . . . because, really, who needs that sort of nonsense?


— Jillian