Twitter: The Follower’s Game

Are you on Twitter? I am, only because my office asked me to join — for work purposes. I tweet out notifications of my blog entries, and check out tweets by various people once in a while, like the U.S. Department of Defence. Or if there is a big news story, I’ll search out comments about it.

News people are monitoring it all the time, of course, and using it as a social media platform to bring people to their sites. And it works: it is very effective.

I have close to 700 people/accounts following me, and I follow about 540. I generally follow back — that is, if you follow me, I will follow you, if you seem legitimate and are an adult and not trying to sell me something.

What bugs me — not all that much — is when somebody follows me, then I follow them back, then they unfollow me. Like, why did they bother in the first place? Are they trying to amass a large following, then make like they are movie stars who only follow a few people?

Beats me . . .

There are apps that let you know who has unfollowed you, and let you unfollow them . . . and so it goes.

Follow me, I follow you, unfollow me, I unfollow you . . .

But NO second chances. If you put me through all of the above and then re-follow me again, I’m not following you back! It’s game over . . . because, really, who needs that sort of nonsense?


— Jillian

3 thoughts on “Twitter: The Follower’s Game

  1. Some people seem to be trying to fill a quota on Twitter and other social media sights. Like it makes them better by having more followers or friends. We block people all the time, we choose who we want to be our friends or followers.


  2. I have formerly followed people, simply because they were naturists, and as I don’t get to travel much, it’s nice to keep in contact with other naturists around the world. I stopped following a few people whose only tweets seemed to be reports on how many new followers they got in the previous day, and how many people stopped following them. What is the point of joining Twitter just to report on the number of your followers?


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