If I had had sufficient funds to retire when I was, say, 45 years old, I would have done so without a second thought. But now, somewhat older, I’m thinking I don’t ever want to retire. I want to be out there in the world, contributing as I am now. I want to be part of the team.

And, besides, I have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes — which I wouldn’t wear very often if I didn’t go to work. And I just couldn’t be one of those people all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I suppose that is why so many people do volunteer work after they retire: it gets them out of the house.

Maybe what really scares me about the “R” word is the loneliness factor, especially if I were to be single then. I need more than the smiling faces of the clerks in the grocery store once or twice a week.

Such grey thoughts on this grey morning after an exhilarating evening launching the new Gazette. It has been such a huge team effort, and our newsroom had a lot of executive visitors from the mother ship, Postmedia, last night who were there to witness the historic occasion.

Today there will be more hoopla, but for most of us, we’ll get right back to the basics of putting out the news on our various platforms, as we do every day.

We call it the daily miracle, and I plan to be part of it for as long as my limbs will carry me to the office.

The “R” word is not part of my vocabulary.

— Jillian

P.S. Check out the Gazette’s home site. It rocks! And when my blog is back up and running there, I’m going to do a piece reflecting on the evolution of the newspaper, and of the blog . . . and something else quite special. I’ll point to it from here so you can have a read.