Single Bed Therapy

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I usually sleep in a queen-size bed, so there’s lots of room in it when my partner sleeps over (even if she practically pushes me out of it sometimes — but I digress).

But last night we found ourselves sharing a single bed, and you can well imagine it was quite cozy, to say the least.

OK, a little more than the least: It was very romantic. It was fun. It was wonderful! And we got a pretty good sleep, too.

I mentioned to her this morning that couples who feel that the old spark is missing in their relationships might try the Single Bed Therapy approach. They would either emerge in the morning all lovey-dovey, or they would head straight to divorce court (if they didn’t kill each other first).

What do you think?

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Single Bed Therapy

  1. Though we sleep on a Queen … we actually prefer a double. We sleep closer together on the double, obviously … and we both sleep better. Why then … do we sleep on a Queen? It fits the master bedroom better! hahaha

    We agree … it makes no sense but that’s what we do. We have shared a single bed numerous times and it’s great during the winter but not during the summer. We both generate lots of heat on our own and though we love to cuddle and spoon … we both make each other very hot, very quickly. As long as we can touch some skin to skin … we are both good. Usually … it’s my hand under her butt! 😀


  2. You might might say “it’s up-close and personal”. Or as Micheal Corleone.said, “It’s not personal, it’s only business”. In this digital age we have truly lost the personal. Except ISIS and Ebola. Are we that stupid? Don’t.It truly is getting closer to Hallowe’en. Too cynical now 😛


  3. The bigger the bed, the harder it is for the female half of the couple (which in your case would be both halves) to hog all the covers. Also avoids all that icky touching which might lead to that even more icky thing called sex.


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