One for All Hallows’ Eve . . .

It has been noted that some creatures in the animal kingdom can sense when a natural disaster is about to occur. Some say pets, such as cats and dogs, know when a person is about to die and will try to warn them?

What if you had premonitions, a little voice in your head, telling you a particular friend or acquaintance or relative would have a heart attack in the next day or two and drop dead?

Would you say something to that person? Would you warn him or her, and advise them to go to a hospital? Or would you stay quiet about it, fearing, perhaps, that he or she would think you are a little loopy and simply ignore you?

And what if it actually happened? What if that person did have a heart attack and die the next day?

Would you feel guilty because you hadn’t warned him or her? Or would you think that it was fate?

And, finally, later, if you sensed someone else was about to suffer the same fate, would you warn him or her?

Lots of questions . . . I look forward to your answers.

— Jillian

P.S. Has this ever actually happened to you?

One thought on “Premonitions

  1. I’m not G_d. However considering a lot of people believe in H_m or think they are H_m or believe they see H_s manifestations I think I’m doing fine thank you. In the West – all though this is up for debate too, I “think” one of the ways H_ is manfest is in our pursuit of democracy. But my premonition(s) are not good at the moment. You asked on this eve of El dia de Los Muertos


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