I’ve never given much thought to same-sex parenting issues because, quite frankly, I didn’t realize there were issues. I know that some people feel children should be raised by a mom and a dad, preferably their biological parents. But I had always thought that if a child is raised in a loving environment, he or she would turn out OK no matter who the parents are.

Not so, according to some people who have been raised by same-sex parents. They feel they were lacking role models, i.e. a boy raised by two moms didn’t get the male perspective from a dad, vice versa for a girl raised by two men.

I’ve done a post for my Gazette site — where I am only blogging once a week at most now — asking the kids, grown up or not, of same-sex parents to share their thoughts on the subject.

But since more and more of my readers seem to be coming to this blog now, I offer the same opportunity here.

I’m not asking religious or conservative groups for their input yet. I really want to hear from the kids, because they matter most. Same-sex parents are welcome to contribute their perspectives as well.

— Jillian