Quebec: Sovereignty, in the name of Samuel de Champlain?

In yet another example of Ottawa trampling on French Quebecers, the federal government has floated the idea of naming the new structure replacing the Champlain Bridge after Maurice “Rocket” Richard, a French Canadian hockey superstar who played for the Montreal Canadiens.

But he was a French hero, too, you might be saying . . . if you are saying anything at all while you stifle your yawns (I know that most of my readers are from outside Quebec and Canada.).

Thing is, Samuel de Champlain was the founder of “New France,” and who asked the federalists to rename the bridge? Nobody! Quebecers have been quite happy to honour Monsieur Champlain by naming the bridge that crosses the St. Lawrence after him.

It’s just another example of the Conservatives in Ottawa trying to show Quebecers that while they may be distinct, the federal conquerors still call the shots.

Maybe the controversy will rekindle interest in Quebec sovereignty?

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “Quebec: Sovereignty, in the name of Samuel de Champlain?

      1. Acting with their typical English pig-dog bias, the federal conquerors didn’t put a penny into the new $3.5-billion Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver, where user tolls were necessarily imposed with nary a peep from the opposition parties in Ottawa. Always picking on Quebec, those bastards. If it’s not transferring billions of dollars in equalization payments annually into Quebec coffers ($7.833 B in 2013-14) to finance all those uniquely fabulous social, health and cultural programs, it’s having the temerity to suggest a name (Quebec’s greatest sporting hero, no less) for a bridge that falls under federal jurisdiction. C’est la faute de fédéral, évidemment. Comme toujours.


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