The Beatles’ greatest album?

Guess what I am listening to tonight?

I’m seriously thinking The Beatles’ Abbey Road was their greatest album, though everything they did was so fab.

I could change my mind on this.

What about you? What is the Fab Four’s greatest album, in your opinion?

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “The Beatles’ greatest album?

  1. Sgt Pepper. I was six years old when I first heard Sgt Pepper playing on someone’s stereo and heard the dream sequence from A Day In The Life and the piano end. To this day, that album/cd/digital? still blows me away.

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  2. Can I vote for “All Things Must Pass”?

    If not then the one I first heard in Canada in the summer of ’67, Sgt Pepper .

    They helped us have long hair and not wear the same styles as our parents but go a bit wild, that saved my life.

    I liked their music but not their albums… They wrote music which could be played by so many in so many different ways which does not happen any more.


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