In praise of short dresses

Apparently, I have youthful tastes in clothing, and most of the dresses I buy tend to fall above the knees. Such as two I bought yesterday in Simons.

I couldn’t find anything I liked in the section for the more mature woman (read: older), so I checked out the clothes in the Twix section, which targets younger ladies. I was looking for something stylish and warm, because winter is almost upon us.

I wasn’t the only older woman shopping in that section yesterday, which tells me that many of us are not fully satisfied with the old maid stuff some people feel we should be wearing. F–k that!

I’m a liberated woman. I believe in nudity in the proper place and time, as all of my readers here know. I also believe people should have the right to wear what they want, within the parameters of workplace rules, of course. But whether a dress falls an inch or two below the knees or two inches above should be nobody’s business but the person wearing it.

I mention this because when I got back to work and showed the dresses to a colleague — a female — she felt one of them was too short to be worn as a dress (“It’s a top,” she exclaimed), and that the other one was pushing the limit (her limits), too.

They are not mini-skirts by any non-stretch of the imagination. Thing is, I do have long legs, so what falls to the knees for some women falls above the knees for me. I don’t mind. I will wear both dresses with black tights and boots, and I’ll be warm and comfy and stylish.

But the bigger issue — if one can call it an issue — is that older women should be free to wear short dresses if we want. Period. So, I’m adding that to my long list of causes . . .

Down with clothes oppression! We shall overcome! Yadda yadda yadda!

Smiles . . .

Happy Saturday, everyone!

— Jillian

10 thoughts on “In praise of short dresses

  1. I have been know to shop for dresses in the children’s section of Walmart. I can fit into a youths size 16 but of coarse they tend to be quite short on me because I am 5’10”. I don’t mind wearing short dresses if I am wearing tights underneath for modesty reasons. Youths clothing is so much cheaper and you avoid paying the sales tax… bonus.


  2. I can appreciate companies imposing a dress code on those employees that come into contact with customers, but that is the employers and their management representatives being conservative in order not to have any excuse for losing business. But if employees are not customer-facing then it ought to be a case of being permitted to wear whatever their fellow employees are comfortable with. I work in high tech business (i.e. with fellow geeks) where it is not unusual for non-customer-facing employees to wear shorts and sandals in the summer. As a “consultant” where effectively my “employer” is my customer I tend to be more conservative than the company’s employees and wear trousers and shoes, but I don’t suppose they’d be bothered if I followed the status quo. We geeks have a reputation to maintain after all. Perhaps there ought to be more open discussion within non-customer-facing working environments as to what folk are comfortable with. I know you like to dress up when you have the opportunity, and work can provide that opportunity, but you may find that your colleagues, knowing that you are a naturist, might be happy for you to work naked.


  3. My wife is also at that mature age and she too finds the fashions repulsive and shows the juniors as well. She says it the only place to find anything stylish and flattering. She’s 5′ 10″ and still has a great figure and terrific long legs. She likewise enjoys the short fashions along with the low cut tops. She usually wears a thong or panty hose on occasion which at times have been quite revealing especially when dancing or at some venues where the seating does not lend itself to being graceful. As she has repeatedly said to some of her friends that have at times question her choices, “you see more at the beach”. Since we are a nudist couple she is not really concerned with what’s seen and what’s not seen. She dresses to please herself.


    1. I am also 5′ 10″ and I like to wear dresses that are short and revealing. At my height it’s actually difficult to find dresses that that don’t ride short when sitting. I never wear panties so if the dress is short and I am wearing it to work I throw on a pair of pantyhose so as to cover up. I love the attention that men in my office give me when I am showing off a little leg.

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      1. It’s just fun to drive guys nuts, they really can’t see a thing but they think they can or will…….lol. They are soooo weak !!

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  4. I think what drives men crazy is we women can dress sexy almost to the point of obscene and it’s totally find. Besides wearing short dresses, sexy stockings and pumps I might decide to wear skin tight leggings with a short top to work. I love the look on a man’s face when I walk by him. I think men are jealous that we have the option of dressing for attention and they can’t. It sucks to be a man.

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    1. Your absolutely right, we really have no options! The only options we have are to stare and try to make awkward inappropriate complements !


  5. More power to you ladies who have the moxie to tell society’s “dress-code” to shove it where the sun never shines. I enjoy seeing a nicely-dressed lady who doesn’t mind showing a bit more leg than most would find prudent.

    I have a good friend who is in her mid-forties, tall and slender, and has great legs. When she isn’t tending to patients as a Nurse-Practitioner in a Trauma-Intensive-Care unit, or gallivanting around the country to medical conferences with her doctor-husband, she is running. A year or so ago, she won the over-forty class and placed second overall in a half-marathon. She wears short-skirts very well, sometimes even to church, and some of them are “that-short”.

    I don’t have any need to “see” or “imagine” what else is there and hidden, because, as a nudist, I have seen it all many times, and besides that, I have been married four times. I may tell one of my lady-friends “You are looking lovely today”, but it is a complement, not a come-on.


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