On the transmutation of energy

I’ve long believed in reincarnation, and with my limited knowledge of physics, have felt there is a finite amount of energy on this planet — albeit, a lot of it — and that it simply transmutes as it leaves whatever material body has been hosting it.

Whew. That is a mouthful, eh?

To put it another way, the energy inside of every living thing in the plant and animal and human kingdoms — spirit, if you will — leaves the body at death and quite possibly finds another material form to inhabit on the planet, sooner or later whether by design or chance.

Bear with me . . .

I’ve also thought that the reason some people are such murderous brutes is because they may have been animals in prior lives who were badly mistreated by humans, and perhaps brutally murdered. They are born angry.

And have you ever noticed how so many humans look like particular animals? I’ve also thought that as man kills off more and more animals, be they farm animals or wild animals, that the energy of all those animals automatically earns a pass into human form.

Indeed, occultists believe that everyone has evolved through the plant and animal kingdoms before becoming humans . . . and who knows what afterward.

Deep thoughts for a grey November day . . .

Your thoughts?

— Jillian

P.S. We could also talk about parallel universes and the potential for energy to pass from one to another, as in “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” If you have thoughts about that, feel free to express them.

One thought on “On the transmutation of energy

  1. There are many strange things in this earth, one of them is why only someone with one of those vile fb accounts is allowed to make comments on the Gazette posts…

    I would have commented that the day of remembrance should be for everyone who has had to endure a life of misery, trapped by a whim of society. The total misery is incalculable.


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