Why is it that a pit stop at the dentist’s office is more bother than a pit stop at the garage?

OK, dumb question. I just need to whine a bit . . .

There I was today having my teeth picked at and scraped by the dental hygienist, and I found myself wishing I was in the waiting room of my Honda dealership, drinking some of their free coffee.

Of course, taking my car in for service usually costs a lot more than having my teeth cleaned, especially because I have a company insurance plan that paid for the session at the dentist’s office.

Sadly, the company does not offer a plan to cover our car repairs. (Why is that, she wonders?)

Anyway, sometimes I think dental cleanings are a total ripoff. The real purpose of being there is for the exam by the dentist after the hygienist is through with you: he usually finds a tooth or two that need work.

But today he didn’t find any problems.

It can’t be easy being a dental hygienist or a dentist — having your fingers in people’s mouths all day, and making them moan and groan. I once read that dentists have a higher rate of suicide than people in most other professions.

Dentists — if not hygienists — are people most of us don’t want to visit, unless we have a toothache. Then we can’t wait to see them . . . and isn’t it nice that most dentists will squeeze you in when you have an emergency?

Good lord . . . I can’t believe how much I just wrote after getting my teeth cleaned. But there are no fancy pictures to add to the post, as there was on my last visit to the Honda dealership where I was sorely tempted to buy a red convertible Mustang muscle car in the used-car lot there.


— Jillian