I’ve written in the past about how much I love Barefoot wines, from California — because I am truly a California girl at heart, anyway.

I think I’ve also mentioned a wine called Revolution Red, billed as New School Wine from California. It’s made by the Rev Winery in Acampo.

It has become my main wine these days, eclipsing Barefoots.

The odd thing about it is our local grocery store, the Metro, sells the Revolution wine in one-litre bottles, while the government-run liquor board sells it in smaller 750-ml bottles. It’s less expensive in the Metro store. The other difference is on the label: the Metro store version removes the word California and simply says it is Made in the U.S., and lists the Rev Winery as being in Montreal, Quebec.

Obviously, Rev Winery has a marketing arrangement with Metro, and I guess it is being bottled here specifically for them (I’m speculating). But it is probably the most popular wine being sold in the Metro store — which has a lot of wines from all over the world — because it sells out quickly.

I’m wondering how many of my American readers are drinking Revolution Red? Is it popular in your area?

Has it started a revolution, like it seems to be doing in Quebec?

— Jillian