Nope, this is not about Frank Zappa and those mothers of invention.

This is about necessity being the mother of invention . . .

So there I was today, about to do my morning facial routine when — shock! — I discovered that I was out of cotton balls. I suppose I could have applied toner with some tissue paper, but then I had a lightbulb moment . . . flash!

Why not use one of my “thin and absorbent” Carefree panty liners?

I left the plastic backing on, poured some toner onto the pad, and it worked like a charm. And there was enough room left on the pad to use it to apply nail polish remover and clean my fingernails.

But I bet I could have used that one liner for my morning and night toning sessions for a week.

Cool, eh?

How about you? Any interesting innovations to share with us?

— Jillian