Nudism at Thanksgiving

I know that many of this blog’s readers will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States on Thursday.

Some of you are naturists.

Will you be incorporating your passion for nudism with Thanksgiving? Or do family gatherings make it impossible?

Please share your thoughts and memories on nudism at Thanksgiving.

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Nudism at Thanksgiving

  1. It will be a partial nude Thanksgiving. We are the only “full time” nudists in our family and the only nudists on my wife’s side and on my side. Our daughters dabble in nudity at home and on vacation, occasionally but not to the extent as we do.

    We have a difficult situation with a recent divorce and so “Thanksgiving” will be on Friday, for our family. So .. Thanksgiving/Thursday will be a Nudism Thanksgiving for us most of the day, before and after we visit our daughter’s house for a short while.

    Seems a little complicated but “we” always seem to be able to celebrate part of the Holiday, day/evening, with each other, in the nude.

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  2. I am single and living in a mostly-retiree textile community, and since I have no family in the area, I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving at our community center. The only time I WON’T be nude will be when I have to be dressed for the dinner.


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