Vanity: When the music’s over

Comedian John Cleese was asked by a talk-show host the other night at what point in life do people stop caring about how they look?

John’s answer: When we get old.

I’m not so sure about that. I’ve seen plenty of seniors, especially women, who strive to look as attractive as possible. I’m not sure about men, but I imagine many senior guys do their best to look as handsome and debonair as possible.

And as one who has some lines on her face and is planning to have a facelift when money allows, I’m a long way off from not caring about how I look anymore.

How about you?


— Jillian

3 thoughts on “Vanity: When the music’s over

  1. I can’t top John’s reply. It is dead on. (Oops, bad pun).
    And, I am old. I know people older than me who are not, but I am old. I give up.


  2. Just remember the definition of “vanity” indeed. For that is what it is! A 7 Deadly Sin. As a “wise” ‘old’ man once told me: it is all right to be young & foolish, just make sure you do not grow old & foolish. I have not seen anyone escape the fate of Dorian Grey for which we thank Oscar Wilde. No? You asked, again


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