I can well imagine the apprehension and anxiety Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott experienced before “coming out” to the world.

After all, Dale is the only MLB gay person to officially come out. I’m sure he worried about how his news would be received by baseball fans and the general public.

Though, as a USA Today article points out, the MLB community has long known Dale is in a same-sex relationship, and that he married his partner “last November.”

While I applaud him for his courage and for setting an example, I’m thinking the announcement — in a magazine article — has left most people yawning. Even Dale admits that the people he works with “don’t care.”

I think we are approaching a saturation point with such announcements by gay and lesbian folks: they are so commonplace, even the bigots shrug them off these days. Perhaps a higher-profile person might generate a bit more media buzz, but overall . . . yawn . . .

And that’s a good yawn.

— Jillian