Mars madness

Mars. (Photo: NASA)
Mars. (Photo: NASA)

Imagine being born to parents who have resettled on Mars, and all you ever know about our blessed lady Earth is what you hear about and see in photographs and film.

Do you think — when you are old enough to understand — you would be somewhat angry that you had been summoned out of the depths of nothingness/nirvana to live in an artificial environment on a dead planet?

Would you be angry that you would never get to exercise your five senses in the environment for which your body was designed — be that design by God or by evolution or a combination of the two?

Would you be angry that you had been denied your rightful place under the sun?

Humans on Mars?


— Jillian

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6 thoughts on “Mars madness

  1. If not Mars, why Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It is hard wired into human nature to seek out Virgin lands to occupy. Taking the human race off this tiny island in space is the natural next step. Who knows what kind of society we shall create there. Perhaps one where people are accepted for who they are, not what; why not LGBT or naturist?


    1. I understand, Reg. But it’s one thing for adults to make the decision to give up their lives on Earth in the spirit of exploration. But it is another thing to force a child to be reared in such a hostile and unnatural environment. There is a larger moral issue, which I hope Mankind will think about now . . .


      1. The world I have to live in now is nothing like the world I was born into, probably closer to Mars than the quiet peaceful country life of the fifties. I would rather not be born into the world as it is now and chose to never have any part in bringing another life into this world for that very reason. This is a hostile unnatural environment…


  2. Earthling, it would be much better than having been born on the wonderful paradisiacal home world of Mars and then ending up on your miserable planet.

    Which is to say, they would grow up with that as being the normal, and probably like and be proud of it.


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