Christmas shopping

Time to talk shop . . . as in Xmas shopping.

How many of you have wrapped up your Christmas shopping?

And how many of you haven’t begun?

I fall into the latter category. I’ll wait until the Monday or Tuesday before the blessed day. But I only have a few people to buy for, and I have a pretty good idea of what my purchases will be. So, all going well, I should be in and out of, say, Sears in an hour or two.

And, yes, I will check out the clothes and will probably emerge with something for me, too.

I wonder how many other people buy something for themselves while shopping for others at this time of the year?

Do you?

— Jillian

One thought on “Christmas shopping

  1. I used to wait until the day before. No crowds, easy parking, limited choices (makes the decision of what to buy easier). But I have been doing more buying online and finished weeks ago.

    And yes, I buy things for myself. Which frustrates my wife to no end because it reduces her potential gift list. Of course, being with her is the best gift of all.


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