So, the weather outside was frightful last night (as opposed to the weather inside), and I could talk about how I might have edited the lyrics to that stupid “Let It Snow” song . . .

But I really want to talk about where I took refuge from the storm: the Montreal YWCA.

No, I didn’t sleep on a cot in a room with 50 other women. The local Y has an auberge on one floor with nice private rooms with TV, radio alarm clock, double bed, desk and chair, sink and mirror, closet etc. Common rooms are multi-stalled washrooms, showers, a large fully-equipped kitchen/dining room, various lounges, laundry rooms and more.

And it cost me less than $60. For a good room in downtown Montreal, that is an incredible price.

The Y also has what they call hotel rooms on one floor, which have private washroom facilities.

And they have a restaurant/cafe on the main floor.

But I prefer the auberge with its communal approach.

Of course, the YWCA is much more than an inn. It offers all sorts of excellent services.

But I came away from there this morning feeling well-rested and really good about the Y. I’ll be back . . .

— Jillian