Nudism/Naturism: Holiday parties

Tomorrow — all going well — I will be attending a naturism swim event that will double as a Christmas party. No alcohol will be served, primarily because the event is being held in a public pool facility. But there will be lots of good food and soft drinks.

It has got me to thinking: what about private social nudism holiday parties? I imagine alcohol is served at many of them. To what effect on the philosophy of non-sexual naturism?

Will you be attending private social nudism holiday events where alcohol will be served?

What about past years? If so, did everybody behave themselves if they got high (or drunk)?

Let’s talk about nudism and festive events.

— Jillian

9 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Holiday parties

  1. Living in a naturist resort, most social events I participate in are nude. But whether in the naturist world or textile world, sexual behavior/action is driven by intent and design. In larger social events, stuff doesn’t just happen because alcohol is served. It happens because it was planned as “that kind” of party.


  2. Our nudist/naturist friends, close friends, do drink and socialize. We do have events and parties, there is some or plenty of drinking and at all times … everyone behaves as they would even if there were not drinking. That being said … alcohol does loosen up the mind and inhibitions but with even the closest of friends, like ours, it never gets to the point where one would consider it sexual. Extra hugging, kisses on the cheek … lots of “I love you’s” going around but never has it gotten sexual in the 12-14 years we’ve had parties and had alcohol. I think more of that kinda stuff goes on at textile parties than does it happen at nudist parties.


  3. This past summer I stayed at 4 different landed naturist clubs/resorts in the UK. Each one had a pub (it is England, after all) that was only one social centre of the resort among many. Yes people drank, the same as at any other pub but I think that in a naturist setting there is considerably more peer pressure to maintain the non-sexual philosophy. FireProf’s comments applied to everything I saw there. I have also held naturist parties at my house and have attended several, all with wine or beer served, and in 20 years I too have never seen anything degenerate into what I have often seen at ‘textile’ parties.


  4. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year 🙂 Unfortunately illness struck and all our celebrations and gatherings got cancelled 😦


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