The natural conclusion

Sometimes I am struck by the idea that every human alive on the planet today will be dead within 100 years, give or take a few.

Indeed, it is the natural course of things, yet we still cry when we lose a loved one.

And most of us, no doubt, have moments of fear at the very thought of our own mortality, perhaps as we drift off to sleep or awaken in the morn. Yet, some would say we die every night when we surrender ourselves to sleep.

Sometimes, though, I am comforted by the idea of death and the liberation it might bring from the entanglements of the material world. Though, I have an inner feeling that we do reincarnate, and that we reap exactly what we have sown, and that we basically pick up from where we left off in the next life, until such time we are spiritually evolved enough to get off this wheel of existence and onto higher planes.

But that’s all theory: what we do know is that we pass on, and that it is the natural course of life. I think most of us just put our trust in the nature of things, as in “What will be will be.”

How about you? Do you fear death? Or do you look upon it as a liberation? Or . . .”

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “The natural conclusion

  1. I don’t fear death. When it comes, I will welcome it with open arms. I am not a religious man.

    I think on some level we are as connected to each other as each of us is bound to this Universe. I also believe that our Universe is as alive as we are, experiencing itself through all living beings that are part of it. An infinite cosmic symbiosis.

    I don’t believe in reincarnation per se, however, I do believe that death is another doorway to another undying connection with our Universe.

    None of us knows for sure what lies beyond this existence, despite what the world of man tells us about the afterlife. Not one person knows. If I have faith at all it is that the Universe will endure and that I (in whatever form it chooses) will endure with it. Bodies, like all machines get old and decay; the Universe has had an eternity to adapt.


  2. Two quotes come to mind: “oooh, that’s a bingo” – Col. Hans Landa(Inglourious Basterds). And: “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” – Gandalf(Lotr)


  3. I have a strong faith and trust in God, and I believe that death is really the entrance-ramp into eternity. I believe in a resurrection from the dead, not reincarnation, and after the resurrection, my immortal soul will be reunited with an immortal body, and disease, death and decay will no longer be part of the equation. Where I will spend eternity is totally up to God.



  4. For most of my life I longed for death but now that later in life I have finally been allowed to be myself I savour life and it feels more precious.

    Having said that I do not fear being dead, the process of becoming dead may be a bit disconcerting but billions have done it before me so I guess I shall get there no matter what…

    One thing which makes our time alive more enjoyable is the presence and interaction of close friends. It is the loss of their interaction and shared memories we mourn.

    There is a sadness that at some point I shall be a loss to the lives of remaining friends but I do hope that that will be an absolute end. For all the amazing abilities of individual humans, collectively humanity is a disaster and each life is dailydiminished by it…


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