Abstract numbers on paper and coins. That is what the whole economic system boils down to.

It seems to me that money has outlived its usefulness, and that an abstract economic system is strangling mankind in very real terms: people are suffering for lack of bills and coins. It’s not that man can’t produce enough food, shelter and clothing for everyone. It’s really about an economic system that has run amok.

If I ruled the world, I might do away with money all together. Or at the very least, I would cancel all debt — personal and national — and put six figures in everybody’s bank account so that we could all start anew.

But, I think it would be better to do away with money — and all the institutions that service the abstract economy. I would reduce workweeks to three days, and everybody would be assigned to jobs.

Everything we produce today would still be produced, and everybody would have a nice home, enough food, clothing, a car and more. The key is motivation, and if we still needed a reward/incentive system, it would be based on what we give to the world.

Yes, I’m dreaming.

But there is no doubt that the world’s economic system is sick and is going to implode. A day of reckoning is close, and I strongly suspect numbers will have to be reset — and debt will be wiped out with the stroke of a pen.

What do you think? How would you fix the economic system?

— Jillian