Of mead and knights and maidens

In days of olde, they drank mead, yes?

So, there I was at the SAQ the other day when I spied a bottle of mead with a medieval label on it promising it was the same brew that bold knights consumed, presumably at the round table. It’s a honey wine — 16% percent alcohol.

Mmmmm . . .

So, with visions of Camelot and hunky, bold knights dancing in my head — yes, and Maid Marian, too — my partner and I purchased said mead and are planning a medieval evening, during which I get to wear my medieval skirt and blouse etc. We’ll listen to medieval music in a candlelit room while we sip on the mead, and who knows which knightly genies from days of olde will emerge from the bottle along with the mead . . .

The decanter holding the mead will make a lovely vase afterward. It is a heavy vessel, something you would expect to find at the round table in Camelot.

Sigh . . . Just call me Maid Jillian . . .

Intermiel Medieval Mead – 750 mL bottle. (Photo: Where.ca)
Intermiel Medieval Mead – 750 mL bottle. (Photo from Where.ca article)

7 thoughts on “Of mead and knights and maidens

      1. Dunno. But let’s not go as far as a “bunga-bunga” party. Then of course it’s your house. They say the Mead is awful powerful stuff. Happy New Year %D


  1. Have tried mead once or twice, think I might have even tried to brew it once. It’s a litttle too sweet for my tastes, but does have a good kick. I the vision of a tipsy Maid Jillian being made on the Round Table by a bevy of stalwart knights and ladies.

    Only problem with that scene is that was at the Hotel Algonquin this week, and associate the term Round Table with Dorothy Parker et al (although they referred to themselves as the Vicious Circle, the phrase Algonquin Round Table being invented later). Enjoyed soaking up the literary-historic atmosphere, even if no mead to have been had.


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