Sidelines: Used undies

Hmm . . . From the “Why didn’t I think of this?” department comes this:

Apparently, many women are earning extra income selling their “used underwear” online. They’re making as much as $100 per item, I am told by a good friend.

Yes, I researched it after she told me. And it’s happening. Some women are including photos of themselves in said underwear — but maintaining their anonymity by not showing their faces. The idea is they wear the undies for a day, put the items in sealed baggies with scent still on them, and mail them to their clients, who have paid in advance.

Which, of course, has got me to thinking. I mean, can you think of an easier way to make money?

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Sidelines: Used undies

    1. I think women who sell their worn undies operate through a post-office box or a website set up for that purpose, and they use paypal accounts. I doubt many women would provide their names and contact info to the buyers.


      1. Given that there are ways to locate sources on the Internet if you are determined, it remains a “scented” trail. Nonetheless, it must be and is quite lucrative. In all respects a Risky Business which has to be engaged with this in mind. An Adult decision for sure 😀


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