Here is a post I wrote Dec. 31, 2012:

Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions, yes? Or, at least, it’s the season of good intentions. We all know about resolutions made today that are forgotten tomorrow. Hence, New Year’s resolutions are seldom taken all that seriously.

But I’ve come across a resolution in an article called Match Thyself by Sarah B. Van Mater, which she says is from an “ancient Egyptian text,” that seems easily attainable to anyone feeling the need for renewal and change:

“Match thyself” — that is, strive to equal in your everyday consciousness that which you already are in the heart of your being. This implies that when we endeavor to change ourselves, we are not seeking to conform to some outer standard whether of god or man; nor are we setting up objective goals for ourselves to reach. Rather, we are seeking to become in our personality that universal essence which we are in our inmost. — Sarah B. Van Mater

And here’s one that complements “Match Thyself,” from Alice A. Bailey in her book A Treatise on White Magic (or The Way of the Disciple):

Let harmlessness — in thought, emotional reaction and act — be the keynote of your life. — Alice A. Bailey

Simple, yes?

As George Harrison sang in Love Comes to Everyone:

There in your heart . . .
Something that’s never changing;
Always a part of . . .
Something that’s never aging,
That’s in your heart . . . — George Harrison

May love guide you

— Jillian