Early-morning insights

Sometimes early in the morning — i.e. this morning — as I am awaking in my bed, I think about the eventual insignificance of so many of the things I worry about. For example, one day when I pass through the doorway of this life into whatever dimension may or may not come next, the debts I struggle with today will be irrelevant.

Taking that line of thought to a macro level, one day all the things we worry about on planet Earth will be irrelevant, because life will cease to exist here — and it will be as if we were never here at all.

And if we only have one life to live, with nothing beyond the veil of death, then . . .

So, do you think I can I use this line of thought with a collection agency if I don’t pay my bills?

“Well, sir, one day money will have no relevance at all, so why pay now? I’m a forward thinker, ahead of my time. You know what they say about the early bird, yes?”

Yah, right . . .

Reality check (impermanent as reality might be): Now, a few hours later, I’m off to the bank to pay those bills that were on my mind in the twilight of my waking moments.

Happy Jan. 2, 2015!

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Early-morning insights

  1. The “comfort” is that you are not alone with this. The “un”comfortable is there are idiots Like a certain young man who just bought himself a G650 Learjet(60,000,000$) as a Christmas present. More uncomfortable are the idiots who allowed him to buy it. But you are right with one thing. Rich or poor we will certainly meet the same end. Wonder how you take a G650 with you in the after-Life? – Anger Management candidate


  2. Ughhh…. same worries here… and nope.. those insightful excuses do NOT work with collection agencies.. Trust me… HAHAHAHA… The way I look at it is – If I can manage my minimums, I’m ahead of the game! So why worry too much?!?


  3. Many people spend their lives going after toys, trinkets and goo-gaws, but regardless of what they own when they die, those things don’t cross over into the after-life. The billionaire and the pauper are alike on the slab in the morgue. Both entered life naked, with nothing to call their own, and they leave exactly the same way.

    Our significance in life isn’t dependent of what we own, but how we use what we own. If that playboy with the fancy jet uses it only for his own pleasure, he has deprived himself of a far greater gift, the opportunity to help someone else. If he gives of himself by flying critically-needed medical staff to other parts of the world, his gift to himself becomes a gift to others.

    We give a gift to ourselves when we help others, because we not only get the satisfaction of helping someone else, we enrich their life also. Giving to others is what has lasting meaning, not the accumulation of material possessions. I would rather drive the wheels off of my vehicle helping someone else than be uncaring and go on vacation. The time and means to treat myself will come in due time, but in the mean time, first-things-first.


    1. Frankly the young man has shown himself to be “young and foolish”. And I don’t think he gives a f*** about what he does with his millions. But it remains to see whether or not he does grow old and foolish. And last time I checked there are a lot of those who do. Still, there are others of our species that exhibit the best of what we are. And again we can be thankful for this. The whole shtick is to be able to accept the human condition in all it’s G_d awful magnificence. So being nakid I guess has it’s rewards


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