Sometimes early in the morning — i.e. this morning — as I am awaking in my bed, I think about the eventual insignificance of so many of the things I worry about. For example, one day when I pass through the doorway of this life into whatever dimension may or may not come next, the debts I struggle with today will be irrelevant.

Taking that line of thought to a macro level, one day all the things we worry about on planet Earth will be irrelevant, because life will cease to exist here — and it will be as if we were never here at all.

And if we only have one life to live, with nothing beyond the veil of death, then . . .

So, do you think I can I use this line of thought with a collection agency if I don’t pay my bills?

“Well, sir, one day money will have no relevance at all, so why pay now? I’m a forward thinker, ahead of my time. You know what they say about the early bird, yes?”

Yah, right . . .

Reality check (impermanent as reality might be): Now, a few hours later, I’m off to the bank to pay those bills that were on my mind in the twilight of my waking moments.

Happy Jan. 2, 2015!

— Jillian