The Big Chill: Surrendering to the cruel winter

A deep, deep freeze is settling in to this part of the country, and a part of me just wants to let go, to surrender to the cold . . . to give up.

Understatement: Winter freezes my energy sometimes, stifling my free-flowing creativity.

Why wasn’t I born in California?

Why do I live in this frozen land?

Indeed, why does anyone live in this Not-Great White North?

We Canadians are such masochists.

Winter sucks.

Just sayin’ . . .

All empathy and sympathy accepted and appreciated.

— Popsicle Jill

8 thoughts on “The Big Chill: Surrendering to the cruel winter

  1. I love the winter. No yard work.
    Yesterday on the local radio station: “It’s 14-degrees (F) outside and tomorrow it will be cold.”

    not “colder”, just “tomorrow will be cold”.

    And when I woke up it was 5-degrees (f) outside. It’s good to be retired – back to bed till it warms up to 10.


  2. K’vetsh, k’vetsh, k’vetsh. Obviously no skier thee. But would you rather be with a flock of fat, ignorant Snowbirds somewhere in FL or the Caribbean with the possibility of catching Chikungunya. Or in Mexico catching a bullet? Come on girl. Break out that Mead!! ;-P


  3. I was literally voicing the same thing to my family earlier. Living in NY it’s absolutely freezing, covered in freezing white stuff. All I want to do is snuggle, eat soup or oatmeal, watch movies and sleep! Ugh. That’s what makes us soldiers all us Northerners. We brave these weathers and push forth toward our destiny no matter. Rain, sleet, snow, doesn’t matter. Here in New York the show must go on. Canadians are pretty tough too. My Grandmother’s Canadian… -Jay


  4. I would suggest that you come to Florida for the winter, but it feels like some of the Canadian snow-birds must have hitched a Nor’easter to their back bumper. I moved to Florida in 2000 to put my parka away for good, not to need it every winter, which I have. Spring can’t come soon-enough for me.


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