So, the terrorists who tried to destroy the Charlie Hebdo publication have made it the most famous magazine in the world, a CTV News anchorwoman reported tonight.

Indeed, it seems the recent attacks in Paris have backfired spectacularly for terrorists, as millions of people have demonstrated in unity rallies in Paris and around the world. In Germany, people are rallying against the Islamization of the country.

Around the world, Muslims are speaking out against groups like ISIS, saying the terrorists do not represent Islam.

And some countries are beefing up security and arresting people suspected of plotting to commit terrorist attacks.

I caught the tail end of an interview with a military analyst on TV today, who said that special task forces have been developed with the mandate to take out terror suspects, alive or dead.

Indeed, in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, I think officials will be less likely to play by the rules now, and may regret doing so in the past. For example, they had the leader of ISIS in custody at one point, and they let him go. One bullet back then could have saved the lives of tens of thousands of people now.

And so it goes. The war on terrorism moves into a new stage, and I suspect some terror suspects will simply be assassinated rather than brought to justice through the court system.

But it is their karma, as they surely must understand, for it was written long ago: “A violent man shall die a violent death. This is the essence of the teaching of the Tao.”

And yet they persist as antagonists, perhaps with some innate knowledge that the battle and their ultimate defeat will unite the people of the world in brotherly love.

It all boggles the mind sometimes, but I suppose the world is very much a stage, and we humans do need the structure of antagonists and protagonists that comes with drama. I plan to write more on this theme soon, i.e. the world as a fairy tale.

— Jillian