Do you think the Charlie Hebdo publication in France is being insensitive by publishing a new caricature of the Prophet Mohammad in Wednesday’s edition?

Do you think it will incite more anger in the Muslim world?

Egypt’s Grand Mufti thinks it will, reports The Jerusalem Post, saying this: “This edition will cause a new wave of hatred in French and Western society in general and what the magazine is doing does not serve coexistence or a dialog between civilizations,” the office of Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, one of the region’s most influential Muslim clerics, said in a statement.

Others are warning of serious repercussions as well.

Some publications around the world are planning to run the cartoon when they report on the news story that is Charlie Hebdo’s re-emergence, while other publications are saying they will not print the new cartoon.

So, on one hand, this is viewed as a freedom of speech issue. But on the other hand, it is seen as an insult to Muslims as well as having the potential to set off new rounds of criminal terrorist acts, resulting in the deaths of more innocent people.

Are Charlie Hebdo and other publications that run the cartoon being irresponsible?

Personally, if I worked for Charlie Hebdo and it was up to me, I would not run a caricature of the Prophet Mohammad, both out of respect for Muslims in general and because I would not want to fuel an already volatile situation.

I’d find another way to express a message of peace and love.

— Jillian