Canada: A land of ghost towns

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons)
(Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

So here’s my new plan for the many citizens of Canada who are fed up with winter . . .

Let’s move the whole population, excluding people who live in Vancouver, Victoria and other western communities that don’t receive snow, to Arizona or some other warm U.S. state that has room for us. We’re only talking about 34 million people.

If the Israelis could create a habitable area in the desert, so can Canadians: we could even bring in our fresh water via pipeline.

Think about it: no more snow . . .

— Jillian

P.S. File this under “Midwinter Fever”

11 thoughts on “Canada: A land of ghost towns

  1. Fever?!?! More Like Delirium! I’ll take hot-buttered rum or sauna+nakid in snow thanks. Besides, too many guns, snakes and scorpions down there in Tombstone |D


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