I asked earlier in a post here if Charlie Hebdo should continue publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in light of the terrorist attacks and deaths in Paris last week. I wondered if it might add more fuel to a volatile situation, and felt Charlie Hebdo should hold off.

The consensus among those who responded to that post was, yes, they should continue to run cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, that the issue was about the principle of free speech.

Well, Charlie Hebdo did publish a new image. It made a stand for free speech. But, sadly, it did lead to more deaths — and will probably lead to even more.

If they hadn’t published a new image this week, at least 10 people killed in protests in Niger would probably be alive right now. Ten families would not be in mourning . . .

I do believe in standing up for principles, but not at all costs. It was an irresponsible decision, in my opinion, to run a second caricature so soon, knowing that it could lead to more deaths. Saving lives in this case should have been more important to the editors of Charlie Hebdo. They could have put their principles on the backburner until this particular storm had blown over.

— Jillian