“Should your kids see you naked?”

That’s the question posed in a headline over a Yahoo article that wonders if there is a certain age — say, 6 through 11 — when children should not be seeing their parents naked.

The article is not about nudism/naturism. Instead, it picks up on a CNN piece “that referenced (two) studies about the impact of parental nudity on kids.”

One of the Yahoo report’s conclusions comes from Dr. Alan Kazdin. Says the article: All things considered, there is no one guideline as to what you should do and at what age, Dr. Alan Kazdin, director of the Yale Parenting Center tells Yahoo Parenting, “Culture makes a huge difference. Religion makes a huge difference as do parents’ own individual attitudes about the body.”

I don’t know if the studies mentioned nudism/naturism, but it seems to me that the researchers may have gotten more insight on the issue if they had spoken to some naturism families.

So, to take this a step further: I know some parents who bring their toddlers to social nudism swims, but I wonder if there is an age when those parents will stop bringing them.

Is there an age — i.e. early teens as hormones start raging — when children shouldn’t be seeing their parents naked and shouldn’t be hanging out in social nudism settings.

If you are a naturist with a teenage daughter, would you allow her to attend social family nudism events where teenage boys are present? And vice versa?

What say you on the issue, from a nudism/naturism perspective?

— Jillian